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Your website is leaking money..
and you're completely
unaware of it!

We uncover those leakages with our conversion research
We diagnose your website, and figure out where and how it's leaking
money. Only then do we go ahead and start plugging the holes.

How Conversion Research impacts your business

Our approach to Conversion optimization is scientific. We do not just throw stuff against the wall and see if it sticks.

We put your customers right at the center of our work. Without them, your business does not exist. We, therefore, seek to understand them better in order to provide them with a better shopping experience, help them complete their tasks faster, and in a simple, intuitive manner.

We do this not guessing but by knowing. The difference between the two is data. Therefore, a critical part of our optimization program is collecting good qualitative and quantitative data, and interpreting them. This allows us to gain a deep understanding of your customers and their needs.

We are also able pinpoint areas where improvements needs to be made on your website in order to provide a more streamlined customer journey and therefore, increase conversion rates. By focusing on the customer at every step of the way, we can ensure that our optimization efforts are directly addressing their needs and expectations.

This data-driven decision-making approach is the only way to our optimization efforts can truly make a difference for your business.

Our Data Conversion Research Process

Technical Analysis or Site Walkthrough

Many conversions are lost due to poor cross-browser and cross-device compatibility issues. No matter how beautiful your website is, if it does not display well in the most important browsers and devices your visitors come from, your conversion will suffer. Since this is such a low-hanging fruit, our optimization process starts from here.
We conduct thorough walkthroughs of the site with all the top browsers and each device category (desktop, tablet, mobile).

Heuristic Analysis​


We assess your website using a set of key criteria or heuristics. The goal is to determine how effective speaks to the needs and motivation of your visitors. We focus on 5 key heuristics: clarity of your offer, relevancy for visitors, incentives to take action, any sources of friction, and distracting elements. Additionally, we also evaluate whether or not your offer speaks to the buying phase of your prospects.

Digital Analysis

At this stage, we dig deeper into your analytics tool to answer such questions as:
Where are the leaks in the funnel?
At what stage are people dropping off in your funnel?
Which segments present the best conversion opportunities?
What are users doing? Which action correlate with higher opportunities?  This allows us to see which areas of your funnel may is leaking money and where conversion opportunities are highest.

Mouse Tracking and Heat Map Analysis​

Here, we track mouse movements and clicks your a website. This is useful for identifying where people click and where they don’t, and how far down they scroll on any given page while identifying differences between devices.

We also track where people look via heat maps, and session recordings, which are videos of real visitors using your web site. Insights from this phase will inform the strategic changes to improve overall user experience on your website.

Surveys & Interviews​

Our previous research methods have mainly focused on what was happening on your website and where. But we do not as yet know why they are happening. This is our qualitative research phase where we set up interviews and surveys for customers and visitors.

By collecting such qualitative data, we gather an in-depth understanding of user behaviour and motivation, more personally understand their experience and pinpoint areas of friction.

Conversion Research Report

At the end of our research process, we compile all of our findings into a conversion report. This report contains both qualitative and quantitative data that we have gathered during our research process. We then prioritize the insights in the report and start working, first, on the issues that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line. By taking this approach, we can help you maximize your return on investment and attain your desired results.