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How implementing shopping quiz increased conversion rate from 1.98% to over 5.46%

Shopping quiz for Dado Cosmetics helped visitors to
diagnose their skin care issues on the basis of which a personalized
skin care routine is recommended.


About Dado Cosmetics

Dado Cosmetics is a brand that is passionate about helping people achieve beautiful, clear and radiant skin. Their products are made with precious oils from Africa, which are known for their ability to nourish and revitalize the skin. 

One of the main advantages of using these natural oils is that they are free from endocrine disruptors and other harsh chemicals. This means that they will not cause any damage to the hormones or overall health.

In addition, these oils are very effective at reducing blackheads, evening out skin tone and improving skin radiance.


Customers coming to shop at Dado Cosmetics have different skin issues, and so, would need different skincare routines. 

With over 70 products and 3 different skincare routines for the three major skin types, it was difficult for shoppers to know what was the best product or routine for their skin care issues.

There was a shopping quiz but it was poorly implemented. One of our challenges was then, to completely overhaul of the quiz implementation.

The second challenge was the poor usability and functionality of the website. The old website had poor readability and cross-device/cross-browser compatibility issues. This resulted poor customer experience which resulted in poor conversion rate even with amazing range of products. 


To solve this problem, we implemented  a shopping quiz with the following unique benefits:

  • Give each customer personalized recommendations based on their answers.
  • Collect zero-party data (i.e. direct data from customers themselves) to help follow up with personalized communication
  • Give expert advice in addition to personalized recommendations.


  • The website was completely redesigned to improve its trust factor
  • The copy was re-written to improve clarity of the offers.
  • A new theme was used to make it more professional.
  • Better and top quality product photos were used


  • Reduced customer acquisition cost by 60%.
  • Conversion rate on quiz was 5.46% compared to the previous store conversion rate of 1.98% i.e. over 175% increase!