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Having a good offer is now just table stakes!

In today's sea of sameness, you need more than a good offer to stand you out.
You need to have a positioning story that connects to your prospects emotional needs, and that tells them you're the only solution in category.

Why You Need A Positioning Story

In today’s competitive landscape, one of the biggest challenges for DTC brands is to differentiate their company and stand out from the crowd. With so many businesses offering similar products or services, it can feel like you’re just another commodity or a “me too” player in your market.

To overcome this challenge, it is essential for companies to position themselves in a way that sets them apart from their competitors. This requires going beyond simply using generic marketing tactics and slogans, and instead relying on more strategic positioning strategies, such as a positioning story.

At its core, a positioning story is an engaging narrative that helps to highlight what makes your company unique in the eyes of your customers.

Information is 20X more memorable when delivered in a story. We help tell a compelling narrative that highlights what makes your brand unique.

Our Positioning Framework

Identify Your Best Customers

We dig into your customer database to identify your best customers. These are the people who are the most loyal to your brand. You need them to find more of them. We use a 5-point evaluation criteria to identify them.

Mine Your Customers for Insights

We help design a comprehensive qualitative research to help mine your best customers for insights. What are their emotional needs? Why do they buy from you and no the competition?

Determine your demand type to break through the noise

Great positioning is about creating change and convincing your best customers to do something now. Asking for that change requires an understanding of their status quo or present reference point. And then, how you position that change depends on your demand type. 

Are you in a new category? An established category, or your offer is new paradigm? We use a 9-point evaluation criteria to find your demand type.

Identify the Change and Stakes

Change is the one constant in our lives. It happening all around us all the time, sometimes so gradually that we don’t even realize it’s taking place.

The most effective change narratives identify a change that has already taken place. That change must be real, relevant and risky.

And it has to have stakes – a result and a fallout which will leave winners and losers in its wake. Identifying that change is a critical step in developing an effective positioning story.

Identify the Villain​

Something is standing in the way of your customers’ success, preventing them from achieving their desired goal.

It is the source of their pain and frustration, and it inhibits change. Identify that pain is fundamental to positioning your product as the solution or the transformation they need to fit into the new world.

The Promised Land & Your Superpowers

We help create a compelling promised land that incites desire, that show your key features as the superpowers to ferry your customers to the promised land. We also help harvest proof to support your story.

Your Simple Promise

We create a high-impact messaging that builds brand and drives demand.  That message has to be a simple, memorable promise. It makes a unique and differentiating promise to your target audience. It should set you apart from your competition and drive demand for your product or service.

Roll out & Test

Now that your story is done, you need a roll-out strategy. We help you craft a memorable one that breaks through the noise. We also build effective tests to vet your new positioning