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How we tripled revenue of an online grocery store by improving its customer experience.

We brought clarity to the offer, helped visitors find what they want as quickly as possible and made the checkout process a breeze.​


About L'épicerie Nouvelle​

L’épicerie nouvelle is an online grocery store that delivers to your doorstep products from France & French West Indies. They deliver anywhere in Canada!

Their unique selling point can be summarized thus: “Why do we need to leave our homes for the repetitive tasks of shopping? The answer has never been simpler – because with L’épicerie Nouvelle located right here in Montreal, Canada but sourcing goods globally across Europe & North America too; there will always something special waiting at your doorstep when its mealtime!”


Customer experience on the store was poor. Visitors arriving at the website  had difficulty finding what they want. The pages took a very long time to load and the WordPress website was not responsive as it had bugs that made it display poorly on different devices and browsers.

Although they had Mailchimp installed, the brand owners had poor communication with their customers during their buying journey. So, it was difficult to bring them back for another purchase.


To solve this problem, we moved the store from  WordPress to Shopify with the following unique benefits:

  • We were able to customize the look and feel of the website to give it greater credibility.
  • Product and collection pages were redesigned to help customers make faster purchase decision.
  • We implemented custom Conversion Rate Optimization strategies that boosted the conversion rate to 4.56%
  •  We installed Klaviyo and created a custom email campaign strategies and set up multiple email flows that covered the entire customer journey


  • Monthly revenue tripled within 2 months of migrating the store to Shopify, 
  • We implemented email automations and campaigns that saw revenue from email marketing go from nearly zero to more than 40% total revenue.