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90% of Google Analytics implementation is flawed and so report
inaccurate data

Making business decisions based off inaccurate is a recipe for failure.
Our analytics audit identify those critical flaws to ensure onsite
customer behaviour are accurately reported.

How data analytics setup impacts your business

Working with skewed data is like running in the wrong direction. If business decisions are not based on accurate and reliable data, it can have damaging consequences for a company, impacting everything from customer experience to business opportunities.

Our analytics audit helps to quickly identify these issues before the problems compound. With this insight, you can make the necessary changes to ensure that your data is accurate and aligned with your business goals.

You are also able to identify new opportunities more quickly by revealing trends and insights hidden within their analytics data. Overall, analytics audits are essential tools for businesses that want to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

Our Data Analytics Process

Discovery Stage

During this initial phase, we take the time to discuss your business goals and identify the most important metrics to you. We also get to know how you feel about your current analytics implementation. This information is essential in helping us understand your reporting needs.

Data Audit & Assessment Stage

At this stage, we roll up our sleeves and carry out a comprehensive audit of current analytics implementation. We’ll then provide you a report which will include a comprehensive overview of all the settings, and an assessment of any gaps or areas for improvement. 

Analytics Implementation Stage

This is where we implement all the solutions to flaws we identified earlier. You will also get a pictorial comparison of the before and after state of our implementation.

Reporting & Visualization Stage

We don’t just stop at new implementation. Our team can also help you create custom custom dashboards that are continuously updated in near real-time. This allows our clients to make smart business decisions more quickly, giving them a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced economy.

Ongoing Support & Data Monitoring

Our experts are dedicated to providing you with the ongoing support and resources you need to get the most out of your analytics tools. Apart from creating rich, visual data visualizations that bring your analytics data to life, we also assist in analysing complex datasets and uncovering key patterns and trends in your data.